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Professional Lesbian

Hey guys I'm Erin, I'm from NC but go to college in DC!

I do wig commissions and photoshoots and I tag everything, nice to meet ya!
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i’ve got a lot on my mind, and still somehow i think i’ll be okay

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November 2013 haircut (by V_a_n_e_s_s_a)

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Today’s top item in Book News: Ginny Weasley, the freckly, flame-haired girl who later marries Harry Potter, grows up to be a sports journalist, according to new writing from J.K. Rowling on the website Pottermore. (Login required.) The stories are Ginny’s dispatches from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup for the magical newspaper The Daily Prophet. “Not a single Quaffle thrown, not a single Snitch caught, but the 427th Quidditch World Cup is already mired in controversy,” she writes. “Magizoologists have congregated in the desert to contain the mayhem and Healers have attended more than 300 crowd members suffering from shock, broken bones and bites.”

Also today, Ian McEwan on having dinner with Salman Rushdie during the fatwa, and James Salter remembers Peter Matthiessen. Read more here.

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there’s a rip off of bee movie called plan bee and this is what the characters look like and I am no longer afraid to die

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Ootd omg

Come say hi to me at Awesomecon if you’re there!

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Eltz Castle, Germany | Jey Oh
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The prince,
The princess,
& The pirate

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The fact that wizard law enforcement found a dude’s finger and immediately closed the investigation, declared him dead, and concluded that the only possible explanation for why they only found a finger was that he was killed so hard that the rest of him was obliterated kind of speaks volumes about why nobody followed up when the genocidal serial killer just vanished.

The Ministry of Magic is fucking useless.


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